Neymar is one of the best football players in the world, but he is also one of those players who cost a lot. The Brazilian is one the best players in Europe, but the cost of his transfer is high. The player has a contract with Barcelona that will end in 2020, and the club is demanding a high price for the player.
The club has already signed a number of players who are not as good as the Brazilian, but they are more expensive.
Will the club be able to pay the price for Neymar?
The team is in the middle of the Champions League, so it is very important to finish in the top 4. Barcelona has a number 1 and 2, so the club will have to pay a high cost for the transfer of the player, otherwise it will not be able finish in top 4, and it will be very difficult to get into the Champions league.
Numerous clubs have already tried to sign Neymar, but all of them failed. Barcelona is one club that has the necessary financial resources to pay for the acquisition of the Brazilian player, but it is still unclear whether the club can afford it.

The transfer of Neymar is not the only transfer that the club has recently made. The club also signed several players who will help it in the future.
Who is the main transfer of Barcelona?
In the summer, the club signed several important transfers. Among the most important are:
* Cristian Tello;
* Jordi Alba;

* Sergi Roberto.
Cristian Tella is a midfielder who can replace the position of the club’s main star Lionel Messi. The Argentine player has been playing for the club for a long time, and he has already won the Champions Cup.
Tella is very good at playing on the left side of the field, and his speed and technique are very good. He is also very good in the air, and this is a very important factor for the team.
Jordi Albu is a defender who can help the club in the long run. The Spanish player is very strong in the tackle, and in the attack he is very effective.
Sergi Roberto is a forward who is very reliable. He can score a lot of goals, and Barcelona will be able not to miss him in the next season.
What are the main strengths of the team?
Barcelona is a team that can be called a mix of the top clubs in Spain and the top teams in the Old Continent. The main strength of the squad is its speed, and its ability to play in the attacking and defensive lines. The team has a good goalkeeper, as well as several other players who can be used in the lineup.
This is a good team that will be a real threat to the main club of the Old World, Juventus.
How to watch the game of the Barcelona team?

The current season of the Spanish championship is very interesting, and there are a lot to be seen. Barcelona will have a lot more chances to win the champion title, but if they lose to Real, then the club may not be so popular with the fans.
You can always follow the results of the game on the website of sports statistics, which is the best place to find the latest information about the game.
Main rivalries of the season
Barça has a lot on its plate, and they have to fight with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico. The current season is very intense, and you can follow the game at the website for sports statistics.
Real Madrid has a long winning streak, but this time it is not so successful. The players of the Meringues are tired of the constant failure, and so they have decided to transfer Ronaldo to Juventus. The transfer of Ronaldo is a great success for the Mersa, and now the player can help his club win the Champions title.
Barcelonas have a good lineup, and many players can be considered as leaders. The most important player of the current season, Lionel Messi, has a new contract, and if he continues to play for the Barcelona, then he will get a lot in terms of money.
Do you need to know the latest news about the team from Barcelona? Visit the website to find out the latest data from the world of the Catalans.
Latest results of Barcelona matches
The season of La Liga is coming to its end, and soon the teams will play in a number matches. The teams will fight for the champion titles, and then they will have the chance to enter the Champions’ League.
In this season, the teams have a number that is quite large, and each of them has a chance to win it. The last rounds of the championship of Spain were quite interesting, so you can always find out how the teams did in the matches.
Among the most interesting confrontations were the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The game ended with a score of 3:3, and Real won the title. The victory was not easy, because the team of Zinedine Zidane had a number advantage, and managed to score a goal in the last seconds.
However, the Catalonians are now the best team in the Spanish league, and are quite capable of winning the champion’s title.

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