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“I’d like to see Higuani leave Napoli,” says Gianluigi Buffon.
The Napoli head coach is aware that the player’s contract with the club is due to expire in 2020, but he’ll do his best to keep him.
‘I”, as he likes to call him, has been working with the team for several years, so he”ll do everything he can to keep the player.
Napoli are in the middle of a crisis, so the club’sscenario is quite uncertain.
However, the situation is quite simple: “I can”t stop the player leaving the club.
It”s true that he“s not the main star of the team, but the team needs a new leader, and the Argentinean is the best candidate.
He”d be able to impose a new style of play on the team.
This season, Napoli is in the Champions League zone, so it’sthe best chance to get into the next stage of the tournament.
In the long run, the team’slackness is a real problem.

Napoleons need to sell Higua, but it”ssome of the players have already left the club, so they”re not able to do it.
For the time being, the club can’t afford to sell the player, because the cost of the transfer is quite high.
But the Argentine is a great player, so Napoli will be able not to lose him. He”ve been in the team since the very beginning, so there” s no reason to sell him.
The player has a contract with Napoli that will expire in 2019, so if the club wants to keep their star, they’ve to find a solution.
Will the club buy a new goalkeeper?
The situation in the Italian championship is quite unstable, so many clubs are trying to get out of it. Juventus is the most obvious candidate, but Napoli has other options.
Juventus has a new coach, so now they“ll have to find the right solution for the situation.
They” re quite capable of doing it, so even if they lose Higua to another club, they won” t lose much.
One of the main problems of the club right now is the lack of goals.
That” l” m” the team has a very good goalkeeper, who can be bought for a few million.
If Napoli wants to get back to the Champions league, they need to buy a goalkeeper who can stop Cristiano Ronaldo.
There” are a few candidates for the position, but Juventus is definitely the best choice.
At the moment, the Bianco Neri is quite strong, so this is a good opportunity to get rid of the problem.
Will Napoli buy a striker?
Another option is to buy someone who can score goals. This is the main task of the new coach of Napoli.
According to the information, the appointment of Maurizio Sarri is quite successful, so we” ll see if the team will be the same under his guidance.
Sarri is a very experienced coach, who has already managed to get a lot of trophies in his career.
Now, the Italian team is quite stable, so in the long term, it“ s a good chance to return to the top-4.
Another thing is that the club has a good budget, so buying someone for a million euros is quite possible.
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What are the chances of Napoleons to win the Champions?
This summer, Juventus has been quite successful in the transfer market, and it‘s now the club that is considered the main candidate for the acquisition of a new striker.
Many experts believe that the Bianconeri will make a serious bid for the player who is considered to be one of the best in the world.

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