In the previous season, the team was playing in a 4-4, and the coach Manuel Pellegrini decided to change to a 3-4. The reason for this is the following:
1. The defense was not very effective, and it was not able to stop the attack.
2. The attack was not that effective, too.
3. The team was not balanced.
This season, we can see that the team is much stronger, and we can say that it is ready to fight for the title.

The main advantage of the new formation is the fact that the club has a lot of options to choose from. The previous season the team had a lot problems with the defense, and this time it has become much stronger.
The new formation will allow the team to play with the following players in each line:
* Chicharito;
* De Jong;

* Dembele;

* Sanchez;
It is also worth noting that the attack of the team will be much stronger this season.
What are the main changes in the lineup of Manchester City?
The previous season was not successful for the team, and many players left the team. This time, the main change is the rotation of the lineup. The following players will be in the starting lineup of the club this season:
• Silva;
• Aguero;
In addition, the following positions will be rotated:
· goalkeeper;
· midfield;
· defense.
If we talk about the rotation, we should note that the main rotation of this season is in the defense. The club will rotate the following defenders:
● Jorginho;
● Kolarov;
However, the rotation in the midfield is not as strong. The main rotation in this position is in De Bruyne. The Belgian will be the main player of the midfield, and he will be able to decide the fate of the match.
You can always follow the development of the game of the Manchester City on the website of sports statistics.
Who will be first to the Champions League zone?
In recent years, the strongest clubs in the world have been the main contenders for the champion title. Among the contenders for this title are:
o Manchester City;
o Liverpool;
In fact, the last time the club won the champion was in 2002.
Now, the club is in a good shape, and its main competitors are not so strong. This is why the team has a good chance of winning the champion.
How to follow the results of the matches of the Champions league?
This year, the Champions tournament will be held in the summer. The first matches of this tournament have already been held, and there was a lot to see.
Among the main favorites of the tournament are:
1) Real Madrid;
This club is the main contender for the victory in the tournament. The Royal Club has a great lineup, and they are ready to play at 100%. The main rivals of the Meringues are: Barcelona;
Barcelona has a long history in the Champions, and in the past it won the tournament several times. The Catalans have a good lineup, too, and are ready for any match. However, the Mers have a strong defense, which is the key to their victory.
Barça has a very good lineup. However it is not a true trump card, because Real Madrid has a better lineup.
Also, it is worth highlighting the following clubs:
2) Bayern;
The Bavarians have a long tournament history, and have won the Champions once. The past champion is 1990, when Bayern beat Juventus.
These are the clubs that are the strongest contenders for victory in this year’s tournament. However they are not the only ones. There are other clubs that can be considered as potential candidates for the trophy.
Follow the results on the sports statistics website, where you will find the latest information about the Champions.
Will the team of Guardiola win the Champions?
It will be difficult for the club to win the champion, because the main competitors of the Royal Club are::
a) Barcelona;
b) Real;
c) Juventus;
d) Napoli;
e) PSG.
All these clubs have a great number of players, and a lot can be done with them. For example, the Royal club has the following advantages:
i) Long bench;
ii) Good selection of players;
iii) Individual skills of the leaders.
There are also a lot chances for the Royal team to win.
Of course, the most difficult part is the match against the main rival of the season, but this will be done in the end.
Where can fans see the results?
Fans can follow the matches on the Internet, where they can see the latest results of matches of all kinds.

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