In the summer, Manchester United were very active in the transfer market, and in the winter they managed to buy Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese was a great addition to the team, and the Red Devils started to show a lot of results.
However, the team did not have a good start. The first matches were very difficult, and after the first rounds, the situation worsened.
The Portuguese coach was not in the best shape, and he did not show the best football. The team’s results worsened, too. The previous season, the Red devils lost to the Red Bulls in the Champions League, and they did not win anything in the English Premier League.
In addition, the Portuguese did not manage to get into the Champions league, so he lost the title.

The situation worsened even more, when the team was eliminated from the Europa League. The Red devils did not want to play in the Europa league, but Mourinho did everything in his power to prevent the team from the tournament.
He did not let the team play in matches against the strongest teams, and this led to the fact that the team managed to finish in the middle of the standings.
This is not the best result for the team. The coach has to do something about it, because the situation is not good.
What can Mourinho do to improve the situation?
The coach has a lot to do, because he is not in a good shape, too, and it is difficult to do everything at once.
One of the main tasks of the Portuguese is to improve his team”s results in the Premier League, because this is a very important tournament for the club.
Mourinho has to find a solution to the problems that the club has, and if he does not manage this, the club will not be able to compete for the title in the long run.
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Where to find the latest information on Manchester United?
Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs in the world. The club has a long history, and many famous players have played here.
It is very important for the Red Devil to win the title, because it is the only one that can guarantee a place in the top 4 in the next season.
If the team does not win the Premier league, then it will not have enough motivation to fight for the Champions cup.
Now, the coach has the task of improving the results in all the competitions. Mourinho has to show the most effective football, and not only in the domestic arena.
At the moment, the results are not very good, but this does not mean that the coach is not doing his best.
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Who is the main favorite of the Champions Cup?
This year, Manchester City is one step ahead of the Red team. This is because the Citizens have a lot in reserve, and now they are ready to fight all the way.
City is one the main favorites of the tournament, and its main competitors are:
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea.
These clubs have a long tournament distance ahead, and their main task is to win a place at the top.
Manchester City has a good lineup, and every player knows how to play the game. The Citizens have the best players in the league, and everyone can count on them.
Many people have already predicted the winner of the competition, but the final result is still unknown. However, the Citizens can count only on themselves.
They have a very good chance of winning, because they have the most experienced players. They have already won the Champions title, and have a great chance of repeating this success.
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How to watch the Champions cups?
Now it is much easier to follow the matches of the strongest clubs in Europe. The Champions cups are held every year, and there are many interesting matches. Now, it is easy to follow them on the Internet.
There are many ways to watch them. You can use a computer, a mobile phone or a television.
All the information about the matches is available on the web. Here you can also find the schedule, as it is shown on the screen of your device.
Of course, it will be much easier for you to follow all the Champions Cups on the computer, because you can use the convenient program.
Here, you will find the results and the schedule. You will not miss anything important, because all the information is available for you.
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Will the team of Jose Mourinho win the trophy?
Of all the favorites of this year’ Champions Cup, the answer is “yes”. The main competitor of the Citizens is Liverpool.

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