This summer, the Portuguese football player has managed to become the most valuable player of the Old Continent. This is not surprising, as he has already managed to score several important goals for his team.
It is worth noting that the list of the most expensive football players is not the only one.
The list of most expensive athletes is not only the result of the latest transfer campaign, but also includes the previous ones. For example, the list includes the following players:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Lionel Messi;
* Sergio Aguero.
If you look at the list, you will notice that the cost of the players has increased significantly. This means that the players are now worth more than their current salaries.

The most expensive footballer of the last season
The summer transfer campaign has already brought a lot of interesting events to the football world. Among the most interesting events are:
1. The arrival of Neymar from Barcelona. The Brazilian player has already scored several important points for the team. He is now worth over 100 million euros.
2. The transfer of David Beckham. The English footballer managed to get a new contract with the team, which will allow him to earn a salary of 100 million dollars.
3. The signing of Cristiano. The Portuguese player has become the main striker of the team and is now able to earn an income of 100 millions.
4. The departure of the main player of Manchester United, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
5. The sale of Lukaku.
All these transfers have significantly increased the value of the Portuguese player.
This year, the player will not only be able to play for the best teams in the world, but he will also be able earn a lot.
What is the most important for Ronaldo?
The main thing that the Portuguese footballer needs is to continue his good form. This summer, he managed to achieve several important results.
First of all, he scored a goal against the Spanish team Atletico. This goal is the third in the history of the club, which is worth 100 million.
Then, he also managed to win the Champions League. This was the first time in the club’s history that the club won the tournament.
In the last two seasons, the club has managed not to win any trophy. However, this year, they will try to repeat the success.
Despite the fact that the team has many players who are capable of achieving great results, Ronaldo is the main star of the lineup.
He is able to decide the fate of the game in a matter of a few seconds. This makes him one of the best players of the world.
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Main transfer news of the summer
The transfer campaign of the English football team began. The main transfer news is the departure of Ashley Cole. The club has already sold the player to Manchester United.
After the departure, the team started to strengthen the position of the striker. The player who was considered as the main target of the Manchester United was sold to Juventus.
Ashley Cole’ transfer is the second of the season. The other transfer is that of Gareth Barry, who joined the club for 100 million pounds.
Juventus is one of Europe’ main clubs. The team has already won the Champions Cup.
Fans and experts have already started to talk about the main transfer of the new season.
Will the team be able not to repeat its success?
It will be very difficult to repeat their success, because the team is not in the best shape.
However, the fans are expecting a lot from the team this season. This can be seen in the fact, that the fans have already begun to watch the games of the Juventus. The fans are already looking forward to the match against the team from the United. It will be a real test of the strength of the teams. The game will be held on the field, where the fans will be able see the strongest team in Europe.
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Latest football news on
The season of the Champions league has already ended. Fans can see the results on the fscore website. This year, there were several interesting transfers.
Among the most significant transfers were:
· The departure from Chelsea of Frank Lampard. The coach of the London team managed to sell the player for 100 millions, which was a record transfer.
· The departure for 100-million from Manchester United of Zlatko Ibrahimovic, who was one of their main players.
These transfers have increased the level of the football players in the English championship.
Also, the transfer of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal has increased the interest of the fans. The Sanchez is a young player who is able not only to score goals, but to pass the ball with great accuracy.
Alexis Sanchez’ football skills have already been recognized by the fans of the Spanish championship. He managed to pass balls with great speed and accuracy.

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