Manchester City will finish 5th – Mourinho’s team has a good chance of winning the Champions League

The Champions League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The competition is intense and unpredictable, and the team that manages to finish in the top-4 will definitely have a good shot at winning the coveted trophy.

The current season is the most interesting of the current campaign, and it is not surprising that the final match of the tournament will be held on May 12. The Manchester City has a decent chance of finishing in the Champions league zone, but it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the final confrontation.
The Citizens have a decent lineup, which can be considered as a good base for the future season. The main goal of the team is to finish the tournament in the zone of the Champions. The team has already managed to achieve this, but they still have a lot of obstacles ahead of them.
However, the team has managed to strengthen its position in the standings, and this fact can be a good motivation for the fans.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The team has several interesting things to do in the future, and they are:
1. Improving the results of the defense. The previous season, the Citizens were one of leaders of the standings. However, they did not manage to improve their position significantly.
2. Improperly playing with the main competitors. The City has not been able to get the most out of the games with the rivals, and such a situation can be the key to the team’ progress.
3. Impropriateness of the matches. The club has not played with the strongest teams for a long time, which means that the rivals are not ready for the confrontations.
4. Lack of motivation. The Citizens have been playing in the Europa League for a few years, and now they are trying to get into the Champions Cup. However the main goal is to get to the top 4.
5. Lackadaisical transfers. The squad of the Citizens has not changed significantly, which is a problem for the team.
In the current season, Manchester City was one of main favorites of the competition. The reason for this is the following:
* excellent lineup;
* good teamwork;
• good teamwork is the key for the success of the club.
All these factors have helped the Citizens to finish 5-4 in the table, which makes them the main favorite of the season.
Who Will Win the Title?
The season of the English Premier League has already ended, and there is no doubt that the main favorites are Manchester City and Liverpool. The teams have already managed not to lose points in the matches against the main contenders of the championship, and their rivals will not be able to take advantage of this.
It is very difficult to make predictions about the final results of matches, but the fans can always follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics. Here, they will find all the information about the matches of the Premier League and other national championships.
You can always find the schedule of upcoming matches on the sports statistics website, which provides the results on the basis of the statistical indicators.
Champions League Results
The first matches of this season of Champions League have already shown that the level of the confrontation is quite high. The following teams have a chance to become the main contender for the title:
• Manchester City;
• Liverpool;
• Barcelona;
The main favorites have already won the tournament, and only a few matches remain. The most important thing for the teams is to improve the results in the remaining matches.
At the same time, it is very important to take into account the following factors:
· The Champions League has a long tournament distance, which allows the teams to rest and prepare for the next matches. This is very convenient for them, because the distance between the matches is quite long.
· The level of competition is quite good. The Champions league is one the most important tournaments in Europe, and each match is very intense.
This season, it will be very interesting to watch the matches between the main teams of the world, because there are a lot more contenders for the victory in the tournament.
Where to Find All Results of Champions Cup?
In addition to the Champions tournament, there is another important tournament in Europe: the Champions cup. The tournament is held every two years, but this year it is more interesting than ever.
There are a few reasons for this:
● Long distance of the competitions;
● Great interest of the fans;
· High number of participants.
If you want to find the results, you can use the website that provides the information on the Champions cups. It is easy to use the service, and you don’t need to register with any personal data.
Here, the information is updated in real time, and here you can find the information not only about the tournament of the national championships, but also about the Champions tournaments.
Now, the attention of the audience is focused on the matches with the teams from the lower divisions of the country. The level is quite low, and many teams have not been in the national championship for several years.

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