Poland goalkeeper Onyszko was a hero in 1973…
The club was in the top-4 of the national championship. The team was led by the legendary goalkeeper of the team, Zdzisław Zaleski. The goalkeeper was a real star. He was not only a good goalkeeper, but also a good player. He had a good game, and the team was always in the first position of the tournament table.
In the summer of 1973, the team had a new goalkeeper, and it was Zaleska. He did not have a good season, and in the end, the club was relegated to the lower division. The club had a lot of problems with the goalkeeper. The problem was that Zalesk was not a good goalie. The coach had to change the goalkeeper, because the new goalkeeper was not able to play the game properly.
The team was in a difficult situation, because it was not in the best shape. The situation worsened when the team played in the European Cup. The players were tired of the struggle, and they wanted to play in the national championships. The new goalkeeper did not help the team.
At the end of the season, the goalkeeper was fired. The reason for his dismissal was not known, but the team management decided to give him a good pay cut. The decision was not good for the club, because Zalesko was one of the best players of the club.

In summer of 1974, the new coach was chosen. The name of the coach was:

– Robert Lewandowski.
Lewandowski was a young player who was a great goalkeeper. He played for the team in the Polish championship. In the summer, the coach decided to make a change in the goalkeeper position. The player who had been a good goalkeeper was replaced by a new player. The change was a good one, because now the goalkeeper had a chance to show his skills.
After the change, the situation in the team changed. Now the team could play in European competitions. The goal was to win the European cups. The first games of the new season were not successful for the goalkeeper of Poland. He could not save the ball from the opponent. The game was not very successful for Lewandowski, but he was a new coach, and he had to find a way to get the team into the top 4.
It was the time of the summer break, and Lewandowski was not at the best condition. He needed to rest. The rest of the players were also not at their best. The main problem of the goalkeeper is the fact that he is not able to save the goal from the opponents. The other problem of Lewandowski is the lack of motivation. He is not in good shape, and his game is not very good.
This is why the team did not perform well in the new year. The season was not successful, and now the team is in the lower divisions. The results of the Polish national championship in 1974 were not very positive.
What was the reason for the failure of the Poland team in 1974?
The Polish team was not the best in the world. The national championship was not so successful. The reasons for the poor results were:
1. The bad teamwork of the teams.
2. Lack of motivation of the leaders.
3. Lackadaisical coaching.
4. The poor condition of the goalkeepers.
5. The failure of other teams.
The first problem is the bad teamwork. The teams did not play well together. The leaders were tired, and did not want to do their best in every game.
Another problem of Poland was the lackadaisiness of the coaching. The Polish national team coach was Robert Lewandowska. Lewandowski was not an excellent coach, but his team was able to win. The fact is that the team of Lewandowsky was able not only to win, but to do it in a good way.
You can see the results of his team in a video. The video is called:
“The Polish Championship”.
During the game, the Polish team managed to score a lot. The result was a victory. The leader of the Poles was:
1 – Zbigniew Boniek,
2 – Wiesław Dąbrowski,
3 – Włodzimierz Krychowiak.
Boniek and Dębowski were the leaders of the game. Bonieks was the goalkeeper and Dabrowski was the striker. The latter was the leader of a team. He scored a lot, and managed to get a lot in the game too.
There were a lot more goals scored by the team during the game than in the previous game. The goals were scored by:
* Wieslaw Dabrowskie;
* Zbigneł Boniecki;
* Władysław Krychowski.
All the goals were in the second half of the match. The score was 2:0. The fans were happy with the result of the victory.
Now, the leaders are in good condition. They are able to do the best work in the games. The next games of Poland will be very important for the future of the country. The country is in a very difficult situation.

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